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Clare Oak Funeral

  • Traditional Oak effect coffin.
  • Conductor and full uniformed staff.
  • Our traditional Hearse and matching Limousine, (seats six mourners).
  • Choice of Silver or Black fleet
  • Cortege to Clients choice of departure.
  • Our first traditional complete funeral package.

Price: £1850
A complete traditional funeral from our family run Funeral Directors.

Update!- now available with choice of Silver or Black Hearse and Limousine - no additional charge

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Our full range of caskets...

Majestic Gold

Price: £22,500
Click image for details

Majestic Gold 4195625 22,500
  • Our finest premium metal casket
  • 48 oz solid bronze
  • Majestic gold finish
  • 14 carat gold plated hardware
  • Pearl velvet interior
  • Ordered, crafted and delivered by plane for each casket
{tag_small image_value} http://www.stevenmearsgroup.co.uk/sm-coffins-and-caskets/majestic-gold


Price: £10460
Click image for details

Paramount 4195628 10460
  • Our finest hand-crafted casket
  • Solid mahogany
  • Prestige polished finish
  • Ivory sierra suede interior
  • Full length lid with matching modesty panel
{tag_small image_value} http://www.stevenmearsgroup.co.uk/sm-coffins-and-caskets/Paramount

El Dorado Bronze

Price: £9010
Click image for details

El Dorado Bronze 4195619 9010
  • 48 oz solid bronze
  • Classic midnight brushed finish
  • Pearl velvet interior
{tag_small image_value} http://www.stevenmearsgroup.co.uk/sm-coffins-and-caskets/el-dorado-bronze

Capital Mahogany

Price: £5450
Click image for details

Capital Mahogany 4195617 5450
  • Solid mahogany
  • Titian, prestige polished finish
  • Beige velvet interior
{tag_small image_value} http://www.stevenmearsgroup.co.uk/sm-coffins-and-caskets/capital-mahogany


Price: £5830
Click image for details

Princeton 4195631 5830
  • 32 oz solid copper
  • Coppertone light brushed finish
  • Beige velvet interior
{tag_small image_value} http://www.stevenmearsgroup.co.uk/sm-coffins-and-caskets/Princeton

Long Life Solid Mahogany

Price: £4950
Click image for details

Long Life Solid Mahogany 4195624 4950
  • Solid mahogany
  • Titian, prestige polished finish
  • Red velvet interior
{tag_small image_value} http://www.stevenmearsgroup.co.uk/sm-coffins-and-caskets/long-life-solid-mahogany

White Sand

Price: £4600
Click image for details

White Sand 4195637 4600
  • 18 gauge steel
  • Silver brushed finish
  • Tan crepe interior
{tag_small image_value} http://www.stevenmearsgroup.co.uk/sm-coffins-and-caskets/white-sand

Regent Cherry

Price: £4640
Click image for details

Regent Cherry 4195632 4640
  • Solid cherry
  • Embassy, polished finish
  • Beige velvet interior
{tag_small image_value} http://www.stevenmearsgroup.co.uk/sm-coffins-and-caskets/regent-cherry

Cognac Jewel

Price: £4110
Click image for details

Cognac Jewel 4195618 4110
  • 18 gauge steel
  • Cognac brushed finish
  • Beige velvet interior
  • Available with or without Last Supper panel
{tag_small image_value} http://www.stevenmearsgroup.co.uk/sm-coffins-and-caskets/cognac-jewel

White Rose

Price: £3940
Click image for details

White Rose 4195636 3940
  • 18 gauge steel
  • White rose finish
  • Light pink velvet interior
{tag_small image_value} http://www.stevenmearsgroup.co.uk/sm-coffins-and-caskets/white-rose

Harvest Oak

Price: £3730
Click image for details

Harvest Oak 4195622 3730
  • Solid oak
  • Shaded flax, satin finish
  • Tan crepe interior with wheat features
{tag_small image_value} http://www.stevenmearsgroup.co.uk/sm-coffins-and-caskets/harvest-oak

Twilight Silver

Price: £3560
Click image for details

Twilight Silver 4195633 3560
  • 18 gauge steel
  • Ebony and silver finish
  • Silver velvet interior
{tag_small image_value} http://www.stevenmearsgroup.co.uk/sm-coffins-and-caskets/twilight-silver