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Check the latest status of your repatriation.

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Tracking Tool

As soon as you trust us with your repatriation from the UK to overseas, we will give you a reference number which you can use to track its progress. We detail every stage of the process so you always know what is happening. You can see an example here.

To use the tool, simply enter the reference number into the box and press the "Track" button.

We will also send you an email with a personalised link to your dedicated tracking page that you can share with family and friends, making it easy to keep everyone updated.

The tracking tool is used for outgoing repartitions from the UK only


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UK Operations Centre
Unit 14
Concorde Business Centre
Wireless Road
London Biggin
Hill Airport
TN16 3YN

+44 (0)20 3455 0305

+44 (0)20 3137 7389


In the North :-
West Cemetery Lodge
Warrington Cemetery
Manchester Road
Cheshire WA1 3BG
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Repatriation flight

Transportation of Ashes
and Cremated Remains


At Mears Repatriation we offer a secure service for the transportation of Cremated Remains, (Ashes). For 90% of UK address to any other UK address we charge just £340.00+VAT. For the other 10% of cases we will give a full quotation. This service can take a few days as we incorporate it into our drivers schedules.

This assumes that the remains are packaged and ready for collection.

If we hold the Cremated Remains we will pack and label the remains. If not then the representative who collects them will label.

For an additional charge we will place the remains into a cremated remains casket, these cost between £80-£250+VAT, with a name plate to allow the remains to be kept at home or indeed buried in a Cemetery or placed in a Crypt.

If the remains are to be scattered then this is not necessary but you may want to look at our range of scatter tubes.


Overseas transportation of Cremated Remains:-


Due to new regulations Cremated Remains can now only be transported as far as the overseas airport. Then collected by the family or local Funeral Director.

The cost is usually between £350-£540 for European destinations and £630-£950 for the rest of the world.



November 2017 UK to Adelaide, Australia - £900    
21st August 2014 - Kimberly, South Africa to London UK - Cost to our Client £550 + VAT. (six day service)

19th September 2014 - UK (Clients Address) - Vancouver (to airport only) - Cost to Client £475.00 (no VAT). 


4th March 2015 UK - Australia (Sydney Airport) - Cost to our Client £750.00


7th May 2015  UK - Kenya - Cost to Client £850.00


2nd June 2015 UK-Italy (Rome) - £545.00
2nd June 2015 London - Cheshire £345.00


17th October 2015 UK - Australia (Melbourne Airport) - Cost to Client £775.00


26th November - Canada – specifically to Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier International £750.00

It is worth pointing out that you will be dealing directly with us, a specialist repatriation company, and not just an agent for a courier company. We are full members of the National Association of Funeral Directors.

The total cost will be quoted on an individual basis.

Contact For Repatriation Information

  From the UK 020 3455 0305
Outside UK +44 20 3455 0305
(General enquires 8.00am - 9.00pm UK time)

International Fax:
+44 (0)20 3137 7389

Clients in Scotland Near Glasgow - 0141 2808999
Clients in Scotland Near Edinburgh - 0131 5109111

You will be able to track the 'on going' status of the
repatriation by using a unique reference number
with our Repatriation Progress Tracker.

See an example here - click

Download (4737 KB)

  • Full National and International Repatriation services for Cremated Remains and Ashes.
  • Advice on all Repatriation documentation and casket requirements for:
    1. UK authorities
    2. All Embassies & Consulates
    3. All major airlines

  • Documentation delivery service for Embassies & Consulates in London.

  • Regulations differ from Country to Country and we are only too please to advise you on specific requirements for the required destination.

    Even if you are taking the Remains abroad yourself.

  • Translation services for official documents, i.e. death certificates, invoices & reports.

  • Freight booking services and airway bill production if required.

  • Collection and delivery service throughout the UK 24 hrs per day, 7 days week
  • Urns suitable for international transit including zinc lining of traditional wooden urns.



    A word of caution

    We have been made aware that a number of freight forwarding companies are sending Cremated Remains and Ashes through National Carriers such as TNT, Royal Mail, & UPS etc...

    None of the major carriers now accept Human Remains, which ashes are classed as, through their network.

    So if a freight company says that the ashes can be sent as 'personal effects' please be aware. It might seem cheap, but there is a reason behind the regulations.

    We at Mears Repatriation are full members of the National Association of Funeral Directors and care, transport and repatriate Cremated Remains in a manor that is in keeping with the Association's code of practice.


    Other terms for this service are:-
    Repatriation of Ashes Repatriation of Cremated Remains
    Sending Ashes Abroad
    Sending Ashes
    Sending Cremated Remains



    Mears Repatriation is a trading name of UK Funerals on-line Limited
    Unit 14, Concorde Business Centre, Wireless Road, London Biggin Hill Airport, TN16 3YN
    Company No. 08012384
    UK VAT registration N0. 154 0240 52
    Economic Operator Registration and Identification number (EORI) - GB154024052000
    Wholly owned by Managing Director Steven Mears Dip FD