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Check the latest status of your repatriation from the UK.

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Tracking Tool

As soon as you trust us with your repatriation, we will give you a reference number which you can use to track its progress. We detail every stage of the process so you always know what is happening. You can see an example here.

To use the tool, simply enter the reference number into the box and press the "Track" button.

We will also send you an email with a personalised link to your dedicated tracking page that you can share with family and friends, making it easy to keep everyone updated.

The tracking tool is used for repatriations from the UK to overseas only.


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Mears Repatriation Brochure
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UK Operations Centre
Unit 14
Concorde Business Centre
Wireless Road
London Biggin
Hill Airport
TN16 3YN

t: +44 (0)20 3455 0305
f: +44 (0)20 3137 7389

Regional Branches

Catford Branch
3 Southend Lane

Eltham Branch
54 Eltham High Street

Lewisham Branch
54 Ladywell Road
SE13 7UZ

Bromley Branch
54A Widmore Road

West Wickham
18 High Street
West Wickham

North West
Warrington Branch
West Cemetery Lodge
Warrington Cemetery
Manchester Road
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Runcorn Branch
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Repatriation Tracking Tool

STATUS    Update


My name is , Mears Repatriation. I am taking personal care of the return of to . Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me, call me at my office +44 (0) 3455 0305 or call or text me on .

In order to ensure a most efficient service, I respectfully request that you do not contact me simply to verify the information provided on this page. This data is reported live from our systems and is updated automatically as soon as a status changes. Whilst I am talking to you, I am unable to speak to all the administrators, agents and other official personnel involved in a successful repatriation.

Please feel free to share this link and/or your reference number with your relatives both in the UK and abroad.

Thank you very much for your understanding. I am honoured to serve you, your family & friends and the memory of your loved one.
Reference Number
Destination Country
Destination Airport
Coffin/Casket Selection

Choosing a Coffin

We offer a wide range of coffins and caskets suitable for repatriation.

Please take a look at the options here or download our brochure.

No media download found.
Death Certificate  ?

Death Certificate

Once the Death has been registered you will be given a Death Certificate which is usually A4 in size.

We will need this emailed or faxed to us as soon as possible to allow us to start the background paper work. This document is essential to allow us to apply for the Coroners 'Out of England' Certificate. We will require the original in due course.

If an Interim Certificate has been issued by the Coroner you will not receive a Death Certificate.

Interim Certificate  ?

Interim Certificate

An Interim Certificate is issued by the Coroner to allow you to proceed with the Repatriation whilst they continue their investigations.

If the Coroner informs you that they are issuing an Interim Certificate please let us know immediately.

You will not be required to obtain a Death Certificate.

Out-of-England Permit  ?

Out-of-England Permit

An 'Out of England Certificate, (OOE), is required to allow us to remove a Deceased from the United Kingdom.

We can apply for this once we have a copy of the Death Certificate or we know that an Interim Certificate is going to be issued.

The Coroner is given up to four working days to issue this but in practice we usually receive it in one or two days.

Once we are informed by the Coroner that the OOE has been issued we can then take the Deceased into our care.

Collection of Deceased
Embalming ?


The embalming has been arranged and the embalmers qualifications are listed below :-

Deceased Clothing ?

Clothing the Deceased

You can supply your own clothing.

Alternatively, we can supply a gown.

FFI Certificate ?

Freedom from Infection

A freedom from infection certificate, (FFI), is required to allow us to remove a Deceased from the United Kingdom.

If the Deceased is not free from infection then we can issue a document that states that the remains are in a sanitary condition and risk no danger to the public. We can issue this once we have carried out specialist embalming.

If you are aware of any infection please inform me. This information will be treated as highly confidential.

Deceased Passport ?

Deceased Passport

Some regulations require the Deceased's passport or ID card. If the status shows 'Outstanding' we are waiting for this.

If the status shows 'Complete' we have received it.

'Not Applicable' - not required

Weight Supplement ?

Weight Supplement

We use the following weights to estimate flight charges:

  • Deceased repatriated in a standard coffin - 130kg
  • Deceased repatriated in a casket or Last Supper Coffin - 150kg

Any additional weight will be charged at £9.50/kg on our final account which is payable prior to the flight.

Waiver ?


This document is only required for repatriations to Nigeria.

It can be obtained by our Clients family or Nigerian Funeral Directors or we can arrange for the cost of £250.00

Complete means we have received the Waiver and all is in order.

Embassy Approval ?

Embassy Approval

If you see 'Not Applicable' as the status for this then no Embassy involvement is required.

Some Embassy regulations require us to attend with documents only and others require the coffin and Deceased to be taken and the coffin sealed with an official stamp.

You will see 'Outstanding', 'Appointment Booked' then 'Completed'.

Church Service

Church Service Details

Details of the church service for the deceased are as follows:

Flight Booking

Flight Details

Once the flight has been booked it will be shown here.

Please see the 'OK to forward' tab below to understand when the flight is actually confirmed

OK to Forward ?

OK to Forward

Once we have booked the flight the booking is accepted but not confirmed

The Airlines need to be able to contact the Consignee to confirm that they will attend the airport to receive the Deceased

It is imperative that we have a correct telephone number for the consignee with full international codes.

We cannot transport the Deceased to the UK airport until 'OK to forward' is received

You will see 'Outstanding' or 'Completed'.

Consignee Details Received
Document Transmission
Accepted at Departure Airport
Confirmation of Arrival
Account Settlement

Mears Repatriation is a trading name of UK Funerals on-line Limited
Unit 14, Concorde Business Centre, Wireless Road, London Biggin Hill Airport, TN16 3YN
Company No. 08012384
UK VAT registration N0. 154 0240 52
Economic Operator Registration and Identification number (EORI) - GB154024052000
Wholly owned by Managing Director Steven Mears Dip FD