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As soon as you trust us with your repatriation from the UK to overseas, we will give you a reference number which you can use to track its progress. We detail every stage of the process so you always know what is happening. You can see an example here.

To use the tool, simply enter the reference number into the box and press the "Track" button.

We will also send you an email with a personalised link to your dedicated tracking page that you can share with family and friends, making it easy to keep everyone updated.

The tracking tool is used for outgoing repartitions from the UK only


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Chiltern Oak

  • Polished Oak veneered coffin fitted with three pairs of brassed bar handles.
  • Name plate
  • Bell tops
  • Zinc lined

Price: £675

Move mouse over image to see the detail

Remember if you have already received a quotation from us you can deduct the cost of the basic casket/coffin if one has already been included (usually £1150 for a casket or £450 for a coffin)

(You can change the zoom level using the mouse-wheel. Use "touch" and "stretch" on touch-screen devices)

Our full range of caskets...

Harvest Oak

Price: £2,230
Click image for details

Harvest Oak 4185160 2,230
  • Solid oak
  • Shaded flax, satin finish
  • Tan crepe interior with wheat features
{tag_small image_value}

Twilight Silver

Price: £2,800
Click image for details

Twilight Silver 4185145 2,800
  • 18 gauge steel
  • Ebony and silver finish
  • Silver velvet interior
{tag_small image_value}

Meredith Poplar

Price: £1,970
Click image for details

Meredith Poplar 4185161 1,970
  • Solid poplar
  • Dark walnut, satin finish
  • Tan crepe interior
{tag_small image_value}


Price: £1950
Click image for details

Pieta 4185165 1950
  • Solid poplar
  • Titian, polished finish
  • Statuette can be replaced with crucifix
  • Optional Last Supper lid cap panel
  • Tan crepe interior
{tag_small image_value}

Golden Leaf

Price: £1,880
Click image for details

Golden Leaf 4185162 1,880
  • Solid oak
  • Shaded topaz, satin finish
  • Tan crepe interior
{tag_small image_value}

Prima New Leaf

Price: £1,800
Click image for details

Prima New Leaf 4185163 1,800
  • Solid maple
  • Certified Green Funeral product
  • Natural oil finish
  • 100% natural cotton interior
{tag_small image_value}

Heavenly White

Price: £1,795
Click image for details

Heavenly White 4185164 1,795
  • Solid poplar
  • Pure white, high gloss finish
  • White crepe interior
{tag_small image_value}


Price: £1,750
Click image for details

Westfield 4185166 1,750
  • Solid Poplar American Cherry
  • High polished finish
  • Champagne Linen interior
{tag_small image_value}


Price: £1,550
Click image for details

Michelangelo 4185155 1,550

The Michelangelo hardwood casket is one of our most popular selections. Available with or without the "Last Supper" insert within the lid, the workmanship and fittings are of the highest quality.

  • Solid poplar hardwood
  • Tobacco, high gloss finish
  • Optional "Last Supper" insert
  • Tan crepe interior
  • Suitable for repatriation, cremation or burial
{tag_small image_value}

White Devotional

Price: £1,850
Click image for details

White Devotional 4185146 1,850
  • 20 gauge steel
  • Winterbloom finish
  • Fixed bar hardware
  • White crepe interior
{tag_small image_value}

Franklyn Copper

Price: £1,750
Click image for details

Franklyn Copper 4185147 1,750
  • 20 gauge steel
  • Coppertone finish
  • Fixed bar hardware
  • White crepe interior
{tag_small image_value}

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